CAT4 - Next Steps

Thank you for attending our recent CAT4 Assessment Workshop

We have assembled materials to reinforce the training and to facilitate your cascade of the training to your colleagues. We hope that you will find this useful. Please find the links below: 

Take a look at our CAT4 Teacher Guidance and follow-up document, CAT4 and Strategies for Learning

Visit our ‘Training Hub’ 

Book a free, one-to-one data consultation with a member of our Assessment Insights team 

Why not use our Quick CAT4 Data Guide with colleagues new to CAT4 data analysis 

Find here a useful visual illustration of standardised scores and score distribution together with a Glossary of Statistical Terms used in standardised assessments 

With post session work with colleagues why not structure your thoughts using our Data Communication Planning Jotter

Finally, we are linking to two blogs from our Partner Schools which give insight on how they are making use of CAT4 with their learners :

If you have any queries please contact us at