Benchmarking analysis 2020

Every country and school has had a different experience when it comes to school closures and distance learning, the effects of which may not be seen until the 2021 examinations.

We can expect to find different trends in achievement across the curriculum for all students, with more difficult concepts, for example, being harder to teach at home. Similarly, previous research has demonstrated that the loss of learning that usually takes place over summer often has a greater impact on students’ achievement in maths than it does in their reading. Some students will have significant gaps in learning, whereas others may have thrived in a different environment. 

When schools return for the new academic year, ability and attainment testing will give teachers a good idea of how their students are doing relative to previous years. However, in these unprecedented times, it may be difficult to contextualise those scores and assess the impact of school closures and distant learning on your students comparative to other schools both locally and further afield.

That’s why we’re creating a benchmarking analysis report looking at trends across different year groups and regions. By testing your students using CAT4, the Progress Test Series, NGRT or PASS, you can contribute to our report, enabling you to see how well your students have fared comparatively in difficult circumstances.

If you’re interested in taking part in our benchmarking study, fill in the form below.