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Learning doesn't have to stop when your students step out of the classroom.

We support hundreds of schools to make high-quality independent learning engaging and accessible, wherever and whenever it is needed.

Webinar: Move all your learning online with Doddle

Watch our webinar to find out how you can move all your learning online with Doddle.

This webinar will cover how you can…

  • Ensure your students are revising effectively and receiving valuable feedback outside of lesson time
  • Track your students’ results and assign intervention work online
  • Share homework tasks and resources with parents, enabling them to better support their children at home
  • Implement retrieval practice to increase your students’ knowledge retention

Why use Doddle to assign work remotely?

  1. It allows you to easily assign tasks and resources that your students can access online. You can personalise assignments and track submissions across your school or department. Plus, parents have great visibility of their child's tasks and if they have been completed.
  2. Students' work is all organised on their personal To-Do lists and they can independently access engaging revision materials using our bank of interactive activities.
  3. You can upload your own resources, describe tasks or choose from over 23,000 high-quality, ready-made resources across 18 subjects for students age 11-16. These are all designed to support students without the need for direct teacher involvement.
  4. You can monitor the assignments students are completing, view a full breakdown of their quiz results and see what revision resources they are accessing independently too.
"Doddle allows pupils who are on a reduced timetable to still be able to access their curriculum and be educated off site while giving staff self-marking quizzes and ready-made teaching resources which reduce preparation time. Staff are able to set and track classwork and homework, increasing the amount of work pupils are completing, and it enables parents to see what their children are doing at school."

David Patchell, Manager of the VLE at the Polygon School

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Nothing is too much trouble for our UK based customer support team.

Every customer has a dedicated Account Manager who will set up all your accounts, help you get going and be on hand throughout your subscription to support you and your students. They will let you know about any new resources being released and be available to help train any new staff you bring on board.

We can generate reports to help you track your use and can connect to your management information system to automatically update your student data on Doddle too, so you know you always have the most up-to-date data.

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