Identify learning gaps as your students return to school

Testing as soon as possible would help us to use the information to plan our intervention and support programs in term one."

Ross Armitage, Head of Primary (International Stream), French International School, Hong Kong

After a long period of disruption as a result of Covid-19, followed by the summer holidays, some students returning to school in August and September may have significant gaps in their learning. Every child will have experienced and reacted to lockdown in different ways. Some students will have struggled to engage with online learning, facing distractions at home, while others may not have had access to the internet or a device to compete their work.

Equally there will be students who have thrived in their new environment, meeting and even surpassing curriculum requirements. This makes it difficult for teachers to know from the offset exactly how much their students have learnt while working from home and how much of that knowledge they have actually retained.

With the Progress Test Series, you can assess your students’ knowledge straight away. The tests measure students’ understanding across the core subjects, producing instant reporting. Particularly powerful is the analysis by curriculum content and question-by-question responses which will enable you to identify gaps in learning not just for individuals, but across the whole school. Intervention can then be targeted and timely.

To find out more about how the Progress Test Series can help you identify these gaps in learning, or for the opportunity to benchmark how your students are performing against other schools globally, take a look at the below material.

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