Literacy and Assessment

“Promote literacy across the whole school. Ensure all teachers regard themselves as teachers of English Language and Literacy on an equal footing with their subject.”

Nicola Lambros, Personalising Learning, Top Tips for Supporting EAL Students

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Literacy has a huge impact on a student's ability to engage with the curriculum. An understanding of students' language knowledge, literacy skills and reading ability is vital in every subject so teachers are aware of the types of texts students can access, the subject-specific vocabulary they may need and where significant support will be necessary to ensure students can access the work.

Often students struggling with their reading or writing are easy to identify, but this is not always the case. Many students may put on a mask, appearing more confident than they are, while not all problems in literacy are easy to spot.

To support you in identifying the next steps for your students, we have created a Reading Assessment Flowchart. Simply identify where you are in your own assessment of your students and follow the next steps to get a more detailed view of the interventions we recommend to ensure all your students have the best chance of success. Our assessments include tests that help you establish a child's reading age, more in-depth reading assessments, and online dyslexia screeners. Plus read about how the Edron Academy in Mexico have supported their literacy interventions with NGRT.

Once you've downloaded the flowchart, identify the next step in your literacy assessment:

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