Return to school webinar series - October 2020

The Return to School series of online training webinars is designed to support school leaders in utilising and combining assessment data from the CAT4, PT Series, NGRT and PASS to benchmark, identify gaps in learning and understand student wellbeing.

This course is being held over four weeks and focuses on the effective use of assessment data to build a whole student view following students’ return to school.

The course covers:

  • Effective evaluation and comparison of measures of ability, attainment, and attitudes
  • Analysis of students’ capabilities, learning barriers and comparative performance and the importance of personalised learning to each individual’s needs.
  • How reports provided by CAT4, PT Series, NGRT and PASS can be analysed to provide actionable insight at a student, class, and whole-school level.

Below you can watch the recordings of sessions that have already passed and / or sign up for the sessions yet to come.

Module 1: Unmasking Potential with CAT4

Module 1 covers:

  • Setting a baseline in the new school year
  • Understanding the needs of new admissions
  • Using CAT4 to identify different student profiles 

Module 2: Identifying gaps in learning and tackling underachievement

Module 2 covers:

  • Identifying gaps in learning and tackling underachievement
  • Using PT to identify gaps upon returning to school
  • Combining ability and attainment data to spot underachievement

Module 3: Supporting student literacy and screening for particular needs

Module 3 covers:

  • Using NGRT to identify literacy needs
  • Using the literacy flowchart to determine next steps
  • Introduction to additional literacy screening

Module 4: Supporting student wellbeing and building the Whole Student View

Module 4 covers:

  • An objective measure of student wellbeing and triangulating data to gain the Whole Student View
  • Using PASS to identify student wellbeing trends
  • Combining core assessment data to form the whole student view

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