TALA Arabic Language Test

TALA by Diglossia provides a standards-based measure of students' Arabic vocabulary, reading, and writing. Students' performance is measured against the standard which defines the age-related expectations of what Arabic language knowledge and skills they should know and are able to do.

The scores will provide you with the evidence you need to make informed decisions regarding curriculum effectiveness and professional development needs.

TALA will enable you to assess how students are progressing in their Arabic language skills acquisition so you can best determine how to support them.

TALA is an online assessment, designed for native Arabic speakers in Grades ranging from 3 to 10. It can be taken twice yearly to provide a benchmark for your Arabic speaking students.

How can TALA make a difference in my school?

The Arabic Language Arts Standards describe in detail what students in each year of school need to be able to know and do. TALA has been written so that teachers can carry out assessment of their students to check progress against the standards for Arabic language, with scores that provide a baseline at the beginning of the year and evidence of progress at the end.

The TALA reports with their heatmaps will identify if an individual student or class needs further support or greater challenge, or if there are issues with a particular language skill. This enables the teacher to see at a glance if there are any areas for future development they will need to focus their teaching on.

The results give the Head of Department evidence to inform professional development or consider whether the curriculum resources being used need to be reviewed. Heads of Department can use this information to inform their school improvement plans for their department.


TALA will enable you to:

  • Easily benchmark students' Arabic language skills against the expectations for their age
  • Get a clear picture of students’ strengths and areas for development across vocabulary, reading and writing
  • Adapt teaching to ensure it is more targeted
  • Assess the Arabic language curriculum within your school


Who is the TALA test for?

TALA is for native or mother tongue speakers of Arabic in Grades 3 to 10 / Years 4 To 11  (Grades 5 and 9 / Years 6 and 10 are not yet available).

What does the TALA test assess?

TALA has been carefully designed to test a student’s Arabic language skills – reading, writing and vocabulary – and whether these are in-line with the age-related expectations defined in the Arabic Language Arts framework.

The test helps to identify the gaps in a student’s language skills so that teachers can best direct future teaching.

What is the Arabic Language Arts framework?

The Arabic Language Standards describe the language knowledge and skills which a pupils of a particular age are acquiring. The standards were written by Hanada Taha of Zayed University.

Over 100,000 students across the Arab World are using the Hanada Taha Arabic Language Arts Standards. These standards are also aligned to the PIRLS reading skills standards.


When should I use the TALA test?

Use TALA as a twice-yearly benchmark of Arabic language skills; at the start of the year as a baseline assessment for the year and at the end of the year as a measure of progress within the school year.

How long does the TALA test take?

The TALA test is administered in two parts over two days. Part 1 comprises Vocabulary and Reading and takes approximately 30 minutes. Part 2 is the writing task and takes about 45 minutes.

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