Readiness to Learn Testing with PASS – academic year 2020-21

The Pupil Attitudes to Self and School survey (PASS) is a psychometric assessment specifically designed to spot attitudinal or emotional issues in children. It takes just 20 minutes to complete and will give you a measure of how your students have coped in the months away, as well as providing interventions that you can use to support your students' wellbeing.

To support schools with the re-integration of students into school life In the 2020-21 academic year, we are offering PASS free of charge for all grades that take CAT4 as a part of the NAP.

These credits are currently set to expire on 31 December. We understand, however, that it has been a challenging and busy term, so if you need a little more time to carry out the survey then please contact your account manager before 27 November so that they can extend your testing time before the credits automatically expire.

Understanding & supporting student wellbeing pre, during and post lockdown

The events of 2020 have brought the issue of student wellbeing into focus as never before.

In this session at the recent Global Assessment Conference, Erika Elkady, Head of Secondary at Jumeira Baccalaureate School in Dubai, discusses how she used PASS data to help her understand her students’ state of mind post-lockdown and their readiness to re-engage with school.

Since 2017 Erika Elkady has been using the data from regular PASS surveys to inform and monitor the impact of their programme that has incorporated changes to curriculum; facilities and staff development.

Last year, with the support of school counsellors and a consultative approach with colleagues around the school, Michael Browning refocused Garden International School’s wellbeing strategy to support fragile learners. After early success, the programme had to quickly be adapted when the school went into lockdown.

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