Intuitive Education Consultants (IEC)

Tell us about who you are and what you do (individual or organisation),

Intuitive Education Consultants (IEC) are a leading, consultancy specialising in establishing and managing successful international schools within the Middle East over the last 19 years. Our team of experienced academic and business consultants provide strategic advice across all phases of education. The team comprises:

Karen Jones: Karen is the Academic Director at IEC responsible for school improvement services. Her role involves supporting and challenging leadership teams to secure outstanding personal and academic outcomes. Karen has extensive experience within education, working across all phases from primary to further education. She has led and managed at all Senior Leadership levels, including Executive Principal, and as a Head teacher was responsible for leading transformational change in a previously failing school.

Asma Safadi: Asma is the Senior Academic Consultant with IEC, leading on GL implementation and Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications in Teaching and Learning. Her primary focus is transforming teaching and learning and using whole school data driven systems to track student progress.

Jennifer McGuigan: Jennifer is an Academic Consultant with IEC, she has led at Deputy Head Teacher and Head Teacher Levels. She has also worked as a Specialist Leader of Education for a registered National Teaching Alliance supporting curriculum development and use of data within schools.

Which GL products are you familiar with and happy to deliver training and support on?

  • The GL suite of Tests – CAT4, PASS, NGRT, Progress Tests as a collective session
  • GL Planning and Implementation Logistics
  • CAT4 Data and how to use it
  • NGRT – specific session
  • PASS - specific session
  • Progress Tests- specific session
  • Data analysis and tracking tools

Where are you located and where would you be willing to train?

Located in Riyadh, Bahrain and UAE with experience of these cultures and local schools. We are willing to train anywhere in the GCC area.

What kind of training do you offer?

  • Face to face Webinar/skype (live)
  • Recorded modules (video)
  • Speaking at local / national events
  • Presentations in schools
  • Facilitated workshops
  • One off session
  • Modular programmes (with hybrid learning – mix of f2f / remote)
  • Coaching


"The workshops helped to situate the GL Assessment within the school framework. It was helpful having the pragmatics explained and having a clearer link between the Assessments and the School Strategic Plan." Primary School Principal, Multinational School, Riyadh.

"The training was comprehensively delivered and answered all my questions. It clarified the vision of the school for using the assessments." Coordinator, Multinational School Riyadh

"I gained a good understanding of what the test would be looking at and the types of questions that would be asked as well as understanding the value of the data” Teacher, Multinational