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At GL Education our growing team of consultants can be found at many of the regional and association conferences around the world, often presenting a breakout session or introducing an interesting case study. 

In the first four months of 2018 we have held workshops or breakout sessions around the world. Unfortunately, we can't get to everyone, so we've also started running online workshops where experienced practitioners share their experience and explain how to analyse and use the data produced by the assessments. See our full programme of events below:

BETT Awards 2018

BETT Awards 2018

Middle East Assessment Conference, Dubai 2018

January 2019


This workshop is facilitated by Matthew Savage, Principal, The International Community School, Amman. Matthew has shared his experience of introducing CAT4 at his previous schools at conferences around the world and has delivered training workshops on the use of CAT4 in Asia, Europe and Africa.


These workshops are designed to help the school data lead develop their understanding of CAT4 reports. Delegates will carry out a structured series of exercises, using sample data and there will also be the opportunity for delegates to review data from their own school and get guidance and advice.


Jessica Watson discusses learn how data can inform whole-school development planning and how, when understood and used effectively, it can reveal the potential of each of your students.


In this workshop, Veer Shah will guide CAT4 users to help you understand how assessment data and reports from CAT4 can be used effectively to improve teaching and learning in the classroom. You will also have the opportunity to review data from your own school and get guidance and advice on these reports.


This seminar will provide a comprehensive introduction to the way many international schools are using a combination of assessments that provide data on students’ ability, attainment and attitudes to learning in order to personalise teaching and learning; improve academic performance; and support whole school evaluation.

February 2019


Paul Montague, GL Education’s International Consultant for the Middle East, will outline how the data can help schools to measure the cognitive ability of each individual, personalise and differentiate teaching within classrooms, and identify the specific support needs of second language learners.

March 2019


This course equips participants to go beyond a basic level of knowledge and understanding in relation to the ‘data triangle’, and dig deeper to become experts in their own right.



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