November 2019


In this webinar, we’ll add further insight to the Value-Added service, sharing trends in 2019 subject entries, performance and Value-Added for schools in the UK and international schools.

10 - 20

These workshops will provide practical guidance in how to develop a holistic approach to assessment throughout your school.

21 - 20


These seminars will provide an introduction to the way many international schools are using a combination of assessments that provide data on students’ ability, attainment and attitudes in order to personalise teaching and learning, improve academic performance and support whole school evaluation.


This webinar will demonstrate how you can use PASS to assess your students' mindsets and identify where they may be struggling and require further support.

10 - 21

These workshops will support those new to CAT4 testing in understanding how assessment data and reports from CAT4 can be used effectively to improve teaching and learning in the classroom.


JESS Dubai and GL Education have collaborated to offer a day of assessment insight for two key audiences – the Senior Leadership Team and SENCOs.

10 - 30

This is a more advanced course, designed and facilitated by practising school leaders who have developed a reputation for the way they work with assessment tools.





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