October 2019


This webinar will provide you with a detailed overview of CAT4, explaining the key concepts and terminology and discussing different student profiles.

September 2019


The best UK curriculum international schools use standardised assessments to inform teaching and learning and to provide evidence of their success to external stakeholders, including parents. International School Consultants, Jessica Watson and Veer Shah, will explain how schools they have worked with have implemented a simple and effective assessment programme.

June 2019


Join Hilary Fine, GL Education’s Head of Product, to discover more about the Value Added service, explore the digital dashboards and find out how you can sign up for the pilot.

23 - 13

Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS) has a well-established assessment structure that ensures relevant data are reviewed and acted on at all levels within the school. In this series of four webinars, teachers and leaders from JESS describe how this system works at their level and offer guidance for each function from classroom to senior leader.

March 2019


In this webinar, Nicola Miekle, Assistant Principal Transition and Derek Watson, Year 5 & 6 Phase Leader explain how they went about establishing this structure and the different ways data is used by different stakeholders.

February 2019


In this webinar, James McBlane, the Deputy Head of Secondary, outlines the school’s principles of effective data use and how they put the data to work to support teaching and learning.


In this webinar, Hilary Fine, GL Education’s Head of Product, explores the digital dashboard and explains how you can sign up for the pilot.

January 2019


In this webinar, Matthew Dagan, Deputy Principal, Assessment, discusses the development and implementation of an app to aid the way the school sorts, synthesises and visualises data as they offer a demonstration of their “student narrative” approach to training their teaching staff.

December 2018


In this webinar, Intuitive Education Consultants’ Academic Director Susan Barratt and Senior Academic Consultants Jennifer McGuigan and Asma Safadi discuss purposeful data collection and their use of CAT4 data at both primary level and secondary level.

November 2018


In this webinar, Senior Publisher, Hilary Fine introduces The Value-Added Service, discusses how you can join the service as well as what the service provides. Hilary also covers the different dashboards and how you can use the data effectively within your school.



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