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At GL Education our growing team of consultants can be found at many of the regional and association conferences around the world, often presenting a breakout session or introducing an interesting case study. 

In the first four months of 2018 we have held workshops or breakout sessions around the world. Unfortunately, we can't get to everyone, so we've also started running online workshops where experienced practitioners share their experience and explain how to analyse and use the data produced by the assessments. See our full programme of events below:

BETT Awards 2018

BETT Awards 2018

Middle East Assessment Conference, Dubai 2018

November 2018


In this webinar, Senior Publisher, Hilary Fine introduces The Value-Added Service, discusses how you can join the service as well as what the service provides. Hilary also covers the different dashboards and how you can use the data effectively within your school.

October 2018


In this webinar, we discussed how the school created a visual depiction of these three key pieces of information to identify gaps between aptitude and attainment and investigate how student attitudes were the cause.

May 2018


In this webinar, Robert Unsworth, Assistant Head Teacher, will describe how they went about this task, the key steps they put in place and the practicalities of coaching and supporting staff to make effective use of the resulting data.


This webinar is aimed at those schools that have provided their (I)GCSE and CAT4 data to support GL Education’s pilot project to produce a measure of value added for our schools.


This webinar is aimed at schools that are looking for relevant and robust data to inform differentiation strategies, uncover students' real attitudes to school and themselves as learners and identifying students’ developed ability and likely academic potential.

April 2018


In this webinar, Tanya Farrol and Jane Farrelly explain how assessments support their teaching of the IB curriculum by providing the school information on a student’s attitude, attainment and academic potential, providing a holistic picture of each student.


This webinar is being run to ensure schools are fully prepared for the 2018 attainment testing period. GL Education Consultant, Alison Chapman, and International Account Manager Holly Nicholls will introduce delegates to the Progress Tests, and deliver details of the testing requirements and key information schools need to get started

March 2018


John Conway, the principal of the school, Sheikh Zayed Private Academy, a US Curriculum school, will explain how he compared cognitive ability data from CAT4 with attainment data to identify group and individual learning support needs.


Jumeira Baccalaureate School took part in the initial trial of the Dubai Student Wellbeing Census and then participated in the full survey when it took place at the end of 2017. Erika Elkady will reveal some of the findings of the analysis and how they are addressing improving student engagement by providing the right balance between skills and challenges.




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