Assessment Insight Session: KR Surveys Training

Assessment Insight Session: KR Surveys Training

Rigorous evidence to support self-evaluation

Our Assessment Insight Session on KR Surveys will allow you to understand parental Survey (Light Touch) information and explore effective next steps including:

  • Getting information on how parents perceive the school and its effectiveness
  • Planning integration of the information in to a school plan
  • Supply meaningful evidence to support school development
  • Supporting your aim in being constantly inspection ready.

Reports required

  • Parental Report
  • Combined Executive Report

*Sessions cost £100 for the first delegate and £50 per delegate after that. If you think you may have already purchased training as part of your package, please contact the Training team at or 0208 996 3624 to confirm.

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What others say about our workshops:

“We learned some interesting lessons from using PASS; sometimes students who on the surface appear the most secure, resolute and resilient can be masking concerns that could affect their potential to achieve.”
Dan Styles, Wakefield City Academy, Whole Education

What you'll learn...

  • Assessment best practices
  • Detailed explanations of statistical terminology
  • How best to use your data