Assessment Insight Session: NGRT Training

Assessment Insight Session: NGRT Training

Breaking through reading barriers

Our Assessment Insight Session on NGRT will allow you to examine the vital implications and issues surrounding Literacy assessment.

  • Identifying students struggling with poor reading (decoding) and those who have poor comprehension skills
  • Helping you to evaluate the effectiveness of reading interventions
  • Allowing you to monitor and track the development of reading progress over time
  • Supporting communication with parents, pupils, teachers and senior school leaders
  • Identifying the literacy barriers to effective learning across the curriculum

Reports required:

  • NGRT Group Report for Teachers
  • NGRT Individual Report for Teachers (choose a small sample of approximately 6 students)
  • NGRT Group Progress Report - optional

*Sessions cost £100 for the first delegate and £50 per delegate after that. If you think you may have already purchased training as part of your package, please contact the Training team at or 0208 996 3624 to confirm.

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What others say about our workshops:

“We firmly believe that reading is the key to everything. Reading and comprehension are the gateways to learning but they can also be the barriers. This is why the NGRT is particularly good as it identifies the discrepancies one way or another.”
Jill Wilson, CBE, Headmistress, The Gleddings

“For far too long, students have fallen through the cracks because schools thought they were a level 4c or a 5b. In reality, this didn’t tell us much – we didn’t know whether they got there easily or which areas they struggled with. With standardised tests, we don’t end up with an arbitrary score; the data contains decades’ worth of standardisation so we know it’s reliable.”  
Nigel Ward, Chief Executive, Northern Schools

What you'll learn...

  • Assessment best practices
  • Detailed explanations of statistical terminology
  • How best to use your data