Listen: Move all your learning online with Doddle

Listen: Move all your learning online with Doddle

Thursday 12 March, 08:30 - 09:00

This webinar covers the Doddle whole-school homework platform and how it can facilitate remote learning in your school.

Given the current context, with lots of schools having to close down, or students and staff having to self-isolate, the Doddle platform can provide a solution to online learning.

This webinar explains how you can…

  • Assign work to students, immediately and in advance
  • Track your students’ results and assign intervention work online
  • Attain instant reporting on quizzes to see which topics may need to be revisited
  • Share homework tasks, resources and results with parents, enabling them to better support their children at home
  • Implement retrieval practice to increase your students’ knowledge retention




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