Listen to our webinar on The Lost Middle with Teacher Toolkit

Listen to our webinar on The Lost Middle with Teacher Toolkit

Monday 09 October, 16:00 - 17:00

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Too many children are routinely identified as ‘average’ and their abilities and problems may be overlooked as a consequence, says a new study published by GL Assessment.

According to our analysis of 24,000 children only one in five (20%) should be considered ‘average’ across the ability range. In fact the vast majority of children exhibit some type of definite verbal, quantitative or spatial reasoning bias.

In this webinar, Shane Rae and Hilary Fine from GL Assessment explain why they think teachers should never use the term ‘average’ when describing an individual child in the classroom. They also consider why an early discovery of a pupil’s learning strengths and areas for development allows for more effective and targeted support and the likelihood of an improvement in GCSE results.

Jonathan Bishop, the Headteacher of Broadclyst Community Primary School in Exeter, also joins us to cover the report from a primary perspective, talking about how schools can identify the specific needs of children in the middle and how you can make sure that you get the best out of children who may have unrealised potential.

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