Matthew Savage: Online Workshops

In 2020, Matthew Savage, Principal of the International Community School, Amman, will be hosting a range of online workshops to help you get the most out of your data. These range from workshops for beginners, providing a comprehensive introduction to assessment, to more advanced workshops, aimed at triangulating your data.

Find out more about the different workshops below:

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This workshop will support those wanting to improve their knowledge of the CAT4 test.

You'll learn how assessment data and reports from CAT4 can be used effectively to improve teaching and learning in the classroom, covering terms such as the Verbal Deficit and #themonalisaeffect.

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This workshop provides practical guidance in how to develop a holistic approach to assessment throughout your school.

Matthew will demonstrate how the reports provided by the different GL Education assessments can be compared to provide actionable insight at a student, class and whole-school level.

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Find out more about the Progress Test Series for Maths, English and Science.

This workshop will cover how to schedule and administer the tests effectively, as well as how to interpret and analyse the data to measure progress and improve outcomes.

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The workshop is designed to meet the needs of teachers either new to the international school sector, or new to the GL assessment suite.

It is an ideal introduction to these assessment tools, enabling teachers to hit the ground running when they join a school already using them.

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