Webinar: Move all your learning online with Doddle

Webinar: Move all your learning online with Doddle

Thursday 12 March, 08:30 - 09:00

Join us this Thursday for a webinar on remote learning.

Doddle is the only whole-school homework solution that provides schools with outstanding resources alongside an intuitive platform to assign and track all homework across school.

This webinar will cover how you can…

  • Ensure your students are revising effectively and receiving valuable feedback outside of lesson time
  • Track your students’ results and assign intervention work online
  • Share homework tasks and resources with parents, enabling them to better support their children at home
  • Implement retrieval practice to increase your students’ knowledge retention

Event Details

This webinar is taking place on Thursday 12th March at 8:30AM (GMT).


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What you'll learn...

  • How to assign resources to your students
  • How to track your students' results and assign effective intervention
  • How to support your students' independent learning and effectively implement retrieval practice