MCMHPW Quick Reference Guide

  • Age range: 2-20 years
  • Suitable for: Teachers
  • Test duration: variable
  • Test format: Paper

Measures of Children's Mental Health & Psychological Wellbeing

A unique portfolio of assessments designed to help you quickly screen and respond to children's mental health needs.

Available individually, or as a complete set, Measures of Children’s Mental Health & Psychological Wellbeing is a unique portfolio of assessments authored by highly-respected professionals from across the fields of educational and clinical development.

The portfolio provides a range of simple, questionnaire based assessments that can be used to assess a range of children’s social and emotional skills, individually or in groups. The portfolio comprises a further seven booklets containing over 50 valuable instruments for measuring children’s mental health and psychological wellbeing. Full guidance is provided on how to administer, score and interpret each measure, as well as suggested interventions.

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Why use Measures of Children's Mental Health & Psychological Wellbeing?

  • Schools are the ideal place to identify the mental health needs of pupils early, so that wellbeing can be promoted and specialist help provided quickly when necessary
  • Speeds up assessment and diagnosis of children’s mental health requirements to support early intervention
  • Clear advice on the next steps following assessment to quickly identify pupils who need referral and specialist intervention
  • Can be photocopied and reused, providing great value for money.