Symbolic Play Test Quick Reference Guide

  • Age Range: 1-3 years
  • Suitable for: Speech & Language Therapists
  • Test duration: 10-15 minutes
  • Test format: Paper

Symbolic Play Test

The Symbolic Play Test: Second Edition is a popular standardised assessment that helps professionals identify the early skills required for language development, through the observation of children as they play with miniature objects in a variety of situations. This observation provides an objective indication of a child’s early concept formation and symbolisation – abilities that precede and develop alongside receptive and expressive language.

The test consists of four independent situations, in which four sets of attractive miniature objects are presented to children in a set order, enabling the user to observe if the child relates to them appropriately.

The objects presented lend themselves to a variety of meaningful interrelationships. The basis of the scoring system is the number of meaningful responses and connections the child is able to make with objects presented to them.

Why use the Symbolic Play Test?

  • The diagnostic tool identifies the early skills required for language development through play
  • It is an engaging and appropriate assessment for young children, utilising the natural practice of play to draw conclusions
  • The test can be used to inform further intervention planning.


Complete Set contains:

  • Manual
  • Toys
  • 25 Record Forms.