Pricing & Ordering

Our typical survey prices are:

Typical Primary Survey Prices  
Parental Survey £540*
Pupil Survey £540*
Staff Survey £345*
Light-Touch Survey £309*

Typical Secondary Survey Prices
Parental Survey £540*
Pupil Survey £540*
Staff Survey £345*
Light-Touch Survey £565*
Light-Touch Staff Survey £360*


Discounts are available to ASCL and NAHT members as well as clusters, federations or academy chains.
Please contact us for more details.

* All prices are ex VAT.
  Pricing varies depending upon a number of variables including:

  • Number of questionnaires required
  • The price for a typical primary parental survey is based on an average-sized school with ca. 200 pupils
  • If the survey is completed online or is paper-based
  • If results are to be compared with those from previous years.

Ordering is easy...

  1. Choose the most suitable date for your survey
  2. Select the criteria for inclusion, to tailor the survey to your school
  3. Complete your order form and send to us
  4. Your questionnaire and accompanying letter are drafted by us and checked by you before we produce the required quantity for distribution
  5. You receive clear instructions on distributing the questionnaires and on how to achieve the maximum response rate
  6. Completed questionnaires are then returned, before being passed on to us for collation, analysis and report production
  7. The final report, which presents our findings clearly in the form of tables and graphs, is normally delivered to you within 4-6 weeks of receiving completed questionnaires
  8. You then have unlimited access to our team of experts if you require further explanation or clarification of an issue raised in the report
  9. To get even greater analysis from your survey reports, book our Stakeholder Survey: Evaluation, Action and Impact module

Surveys should be repeated regularly, allowing performance trends to be monitored over time, enabling school leaders to gauge accurately the impact of management decisions.

For more information, to place an order, request a comprehensive quote or to arrange a no-obligation appointment please contact us on:
T:  0330 123 5375