Scoring & Reporting Service

Our range of Assessment Services have been created to help local authorities, schools and teachers maximise their use of assessment data in order to evaluate the impact of interventions, ensure that each child receives the support he/she needs and ultimately raise standards. But before data can be analysed, assessments need to be marked, scores calculated and reports created. However, scoring your own papers is a time-consuming task and not one that makes the most efficient use of a teacher's valuable time.

To combat this, our comprehensive NGRT Scoring & Reporting Service delivers fast and accurate results that can be tailored to your needs, taking the work out of marking, managing and interpreting your data. NGRT scores are bought to life through a variety of diagnostic reports, enabling teachers, SENCOs and other educational professionals to clearly identify how a pupil is performing next compared to their peers at national level.

Traditionally, this service has been administered by post. However, our recently launched Testwise Reporting System (TRS) has transformed it into a fully functional online service, reducing the turnaround time for reports even further and enabling easy ordering of additional reports and data files for your school's Management Information System. Users of our online test will already be acquainted with TRS, as the instant scores and reports facilitated by online testing have been delivered by this system for some time

The service is available to single schools and academies as well as local authorities, clusters, federations and other consortia of schools. In fact, our new, enhanced reporting now offers a special LA/Cluster report that enables interesting comparisons to be made nationally and between schools.

For schools that choose to score their own papers, a brand new Online Marking Tool (OMT) can be purchased.

Why use the NGRT Scoring & Reporting Service?

  • It makes analysis simpler, quicker and more focused
  • Guarantees a much higher level of accuracy in the marking, interpretation and calculation of scores
  • Delivers scores and reports within a maximum of 15 working days after receipt, ensuring there is no long wait before the assessment data can be fed back into the classroom
  • Provides data files in Excel and CSV format and even PDF reports that can be imported directly into your school's Management Information System
  • Stores your data on a secure system
  • Makes it possible to log in to the system at any time to check the status of your order