Introduction to Progress Test Series level 15

Due to increasing demand from our schools, level 15 English, Maths and Science tests are now available, to follow on from the level 14 assessments.  These tests are designed to enable international schools to build an even more comprehensive picture of students’ progress and skills development, as well as supporting preparation for other external assessments and examinations as students progress through education. 

What do the tests involve?


The tests build upon content already acquired in previous years, with increased emphasis on extended reasoning, comprehension and problem solving, to take into account the variation in the order in which content is taught in Year 10.


Progress Test English level 15

With the existing skills focus in the upper levels of PTE, this test follows the same format, including short spelling, punctuation and grammar sections, followed by comprehension and interpretation of fictional and factual text extracts.


Progress Test Maths level 15

The mental maths section is omitted from this level, replaced by calculator and non-calculator sections, with an increased emphasis on real-world mathematical concepts and mathematical literacy, with a higher weighting of reasoning and problem solving questions. The process categories will remain the same as for the earlier levels of PTM.


Progress Tests Science level 15

Following a similar, predominantly multiple choice format as at lower levels, there is an emphasis on linked questions, requiring students to understand real-world scientific contexts. There are proportionately more working scientifically/scientific literacy questions to encourage students to reflect on methodology and interpret data.


Further information

Please contact the International Team at or on +44 (0)20 8996 3369