Progress Test Series Scoring

Overseas customers that buy the Progress Test Series of assessments in paper format are automatically offered the international option, which includes a subscription to our online marking tool (OMT). This allows schools to mark the tests themselves, eliminating the cost and delay of international shipping.

If you have chosen the UK option, to have your tests marked by us, you should follow the instructions below. 

Please check which option you have before shipping your papers to us.


Returning your completed tests

1. Fill in your Batch Header Sheet. You can download a copy for PTM here, PTE here, and PTS here

A ‘batch’ consists of all the Pupil Booklets from a single level of each test. For the despatch, you will need to collate booklets in line with this. In all instances you will need to complete a Batch Header Sheet (BHS).

The Batch Header Sheet requires information that is essential to the efficient scoring of your pupils’ test booklets. You must complete:

  • Name, address and telephone number of your school with a contact name
  • Date of testing
  • Test level
  • Year group or
  • Class
  • Number of booklets

Please do not include booklets from different test levels under a single BHS: one form per level is required. Once the BHS has been completed and the test booklets batched up accordingly, you can send the package to the Scoring Service (current postal address is on the BHS).

2. Fill out your data file. Our scoring team marks the booklets by hand, working with specially developed software to record answers. Before any scoring can start all pupil details must be uploaded to the scoring program for accurate and reliable scores, such as Standard Age Score. To do this we need a fully and correctly completed Data File to accompany each batch of booklets.  Without this the scoring service cannot commence.

We have introduced a new and improved method for you to complete and submit your data files. We have removed the complications of encrypting and emailing this to our scoring team, and put in place a new template and submission process, which keeps your pupil data confidential and secure.You will now download, and upload your data file directly onto TRS.

3. Return your data file to us. You now have one option for this - to ensure maximum data validation, and data security. 

To upload your data file, please access your TRS account. If you are a customer you should already have a login for this, however if you don’t, or you have any queries please feel free to contact our Customer Services department on 0330 123 5375 who will gladly assist.

4. Return your pupil booklets to us, via a tracking service to:

DRS Data Services Limited
4 Garamonde Drive
Milton Keynes

5. Once we have received both your complete data file and pupil booklets we can begin the scoring process.

Please note: the turnaround time for scoring is 15 working days after the receipt of both data file and pupil booklets. This excludes weekends and bank holidays.

Completing the data file:

There is a full instruction sheet, in the template, to guide you through the process. Once your data has been added correctly this will create a fully validated CSV file for you to upload into your account.

When completing your data file please remember that accurate data will improve all aspects of your overall reporting. For example when completing the gender column it is sufficient to enter F or M.  Some criteria for analysis are fixed. 

These are:

Free School Meals -  Please enter Yes/No

Ethnic Group - Please enter the group that applies. For any single group ensure that consistency and accuracy are applied.  For example White British and white british will be treated as two categories for analysis.

Special Educational Needs - You may prefer to enter Yes/No as analysis by discrete categories may include a very small number of pupils and so not yield reliable comparative data.

EAL - Again it may be advisable to enter Yes/No instead of more discrete criteria. 

There are five columns in the Data File with headers Custom 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.  These can be used for any additional criteria against which you would like analysis.  For example, analysis by a pupil’s home postcode, feeder nursery, and the number of years the pupil has been in the school.  It is not necessary to use any or all five columns.

Paying for returning Progress Test Series pupil booklets

If you have purchased our Progress Test Series in the paper format, you will need to pay for sending back your pupil booklets to GL Assessment for scoring. As soon as we are in receipt of your booklets and a correctly completed data file, the Scoring & Reporting department can commence marking which may take up to 15 working days to score your results.

Saving money on postage

To ensure this process is as cost effective as possible you can use a number of services.

The table below shows estimated prices of a range of postage suppliers including VAT for customers in the UK as of July 2015.

Weight band My Hermes Yodel Royal Mail
Between 0-1kg £2.98 £11.99 £2.80
Between 1-2kg £3.98 £11.99 £4.89
Between 2-5kg £5.99 £11.99 £13.75
Between 5-10kg £7.69 £11.99 £20.25
Between 10-15kg £9.98 £11.99 £27.19
Between 15-20kg n/a £11.99 £28.55
Between 20-25kg n/a £11.99 £43.78

You can get more accurate quotes online:

Please note: other postage services are available.