PASS Support Videos

What data is provided?

This explains the levels of reports available, school, group, pupil and cluster with a guide on the most effective way to analyse the reports. It includes a description of key terms provided in the reports.

What does the data mean?

In this video we discuss they key aspects to look for example factor, gender, ethnic group  and year group analysis.

Implications for teaching and learning

Here we discuss in more detail how the data might be used to inform teaching and learning including the online intervention tool and the individual student profile report.

Whole Pupil View

Discusses the importance of triangulating ability data from PASS with data related to ability and attainment to gain a complete view.

Using CAT4 & PASS for Fragile Learners

Explores the concept of 'Fragile' learners through combining CAT4 and PASS data, includes a school case study.