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Our series of webinars provide insights and guidance on current assessment trends and needs based on feedback received from schools. Additionally, we have a variety of school case studies as webinars so you can understand how schools around the world have implemented GL assessments to develop their own assessment strategies to support school improvement.

We have a series of up and coming webinars which you can register for via the events listings here, you can also click here to view our current training opportunities.

October 2020


In this webinar Emma Dibden, Former Head of Learning Support at Jumeirah English Speaking School (Dubai), will introduce SENCOs and Learning Support Teams to the SEN toolkit.


The Pupil Attitudes to Self and School (PASS) survey is a psychometric assessment specifically designed to spot attitudinal or emotional issues in children, and incorporates suggested interventions aligned to the results of the reports. Because the survey has been recommended by KHDA as an optional test to provide additional information alongside CAT4 testing we have developed this webinar to provide schools in Dubai with a comprehensive overview of the survey and how to use it.

September 2020


Find out about Boardworks: interactive K-12 supplemental resources to enhance teaching and learning for US curriculum schools.

August 2020


Starting this September, we are hosting a number of online workshops and webinars to help you get the most out of your data. In this webinar, some of our trainers, Jessica Watson and Neil MacRae, introduce you to what we have planned, explaining what each session is about, who should attend, and how they work.


As schools prepare to welcome students back, many teachers will want to understand the impact of a prolonged absence on student’s learning and to evaluate their wellbeing and preparedness to re-engage with school.

June 2020


Many schools are considering how to enable a smooth transition back to school when it’s safe to do so – and are asking questions about how effective their online teaching has been and what has been the impact on student wellbeing. Hilary Fine, our Assessment Development Director explained how reliable, benchmarked assessment data can provide you with the information you need to: Support Transition Identify Learning Gaps in Maths, English and Science Close the Reading Gap Understand Students’ Attitude and Mindset


When students return to school, teachers will want to ensure a smooth transition both in terms of learning and wellbeing. Hilary Fine, Head of Publishing, outlined how effective use of assessment data can enable schools to identify gaps in learning, set a new baseline and identify those students who are concerned about being back in school. Jessica Watson, International School Consultant, focused on how schools can identify and address gaps in learning using the question by question analysis in the Progress Test Series reports which provide teachers and senior leaders with the information they need to support individuals and reinforce key areas of the curriculum.

May 2020


In this webinar, Bernadetta Brzyska, GL Education’s Head of Research, will review the international trends and outline how schools can use literacy and wellbeing measures to identify these “at risk” students and develop strategies to secure the best outcomes for all students.


In this webinar, Emma Dibden, Head of Learning Support at Jumeirah English Speaking School, will explain how through collaboration with relevant staff and parents, we can establish a personalized assessment and intervention pathway that utilizes additional screener tests to investigate the student’s individual profile and how best to support them.

March 2020


In this webinar, Neil MacRae, author of the CAT4 Strategies for Learning guide, will describe the relationship between the CAT4 data and these teaching strategies and outline how schools can use these resources to support and inform teaching within their school.



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