Paper scoring

When you buy the paper version of the following assessments, we offer two ways for you to score them and access the available reports, the Online Marking Tool and the Scoring and Reporting Service. These are available for the following paper assessments:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • New Group Reading Test
  • Progress in English
  • Progress in Maths

Find out about the other marking and scoring tools available.

Online marking tool

To eliminate the cost and delay associated with shipping completed paper assessments, consider scoring your assessments using our Online Marking Tool (OMT). This tool will reduce marking time and will give you access to the reports available for our assessments.

Scoring and reporting service

For schools that would like to remove the burden of marking completely, the GL Education Group offers a Scoring & Reporting Service, delivering fast and accurate results.

Our Scoring & Reporting Service requires all papers to be sent back to the UK for marking. The services takes a maximum of 15 days after receipt of the completed tests and the reports are delivered online via our online reporting system - Testwise Reporting Service (TRS) - where you can download your reports in PDF and Excel format. Once your reports are made available on TRS, you can then easily request additional reports.

The table below shows the cost and available reports for our services.

Scoring options

Online marking tool Scoring service
Description Score your assessments yourself

We mark your assessments for you


£95* per year  £3.85 per pupil
Number of pupils Unlimited pupils Price per pupil
Available reports
Group record sheet Free Not available
Student listing report Free Not available
Group standard report £1.35* per pupil Included in price
Individual pupil report £0.52* per pupil
Excel report £99.00* per report
Cluster excel report £175* per report

Please note, different reports are available for CAT4 and it not possible to score the tests yourself. Find out what CAT4 reports you can purchase and the available scoring services.