In these early days, I’m conscious that we are only scratching the surface of what we’ll eventually be able to gain, both academically and pastorally, from the information the assessments provide us. However, we’re already seeing an impact and this will only increase as time goes by
Derek Smith, Principal of Olashore International School

Key considerations: The phased reopening of schools for learners with SEND

“I would encourage schools to think of this, not so much as a transition point, but more as a transition window. Some learners will need longer than others to adapt to the ‘new normal’ of school life.”

GL Assessment partners with Wonde to simplify student assessment

GL Assessment has partnered with Wonde to save time for teachers and make it easier for schools to assess students’ learning as they return to the classroom.

Top tips for developing a robust Trust-wide assessment policy

GL Assessment’s standardised tests are a real time-saver.

Meeting the challenge of lockdown and the return to school in Hong Kong

Find out how FIS planned their return from lockdown and why early assessment was fundamental to their plans for the new term