In these early days, I’m conscious that we are only scratching the surface of what we’ll eventually be able to gain, both academically and pastorally, from the information the assessments provide us. However, we’re already seeing an impact and this will only increase as time goes by
Derek Smith, Principal of Olashore International School

The impact of social media on children’s mental health by Tom Guy

The mental health difficulties faced by far too many children are heartbreaking and unnecessary

UK risks neglecting youngsters’ hidden scientific talent

Tens of thousands of highly able children are failing to get good science GCSEs because their innate talents are masked by poor verbal reasoning skills

GL Education launches Assessment Matters magazine

International schools face a particular set of challenges and this new magazine is devoted to showing how assessment can help meet those challenges

GL Assessment wins ERA 2017 award

The SEN Assessment Toolkit has won the prestigious Special Educational Resource or Equipment (non-ICT) award