In these early days, I’m conscious that we are only scratching the surface of what we’ll eventually be able to gain, both academically and pastorally, from the information the assessments provide us. However, we’re already seeing an impact and this will only increase as time goes by
Derek Smith, Principal of Olashore International School

New Global Perspectives report on international student wellbeing

Student wellbeing underpins all educational outcomes. From attendance and attainment to progress and employability skills, students who are supported to be mentally healthy and have a positive outlook towards education are more likely to succeed.

Global Perspectives: Pupil Attitudes to Self and School Report 2018

One in 10 international school students have attitudinal roadblocks to learning

Assessment Matters 2nd Edition

Read our February edition of Assessment Matters to find out how schools are using our assessments and what we are doing to help.

GL Education wins Bett Award for Exporter of the Year

GL Education has won the prestigious Exporter of the Year Award at the Bett Awards 2018.