In these early days, I’m conscious that we are only scratching the surface of what we’ll eventually be able to gain, both academically and pastorally, from the information the assessments provide us. However, we’re already seeing an impact and this will only increase as time goes by
Derek Smith, Principal of Olashore International School

Impact of Covid-19 on attainment: initial analysis

Read our report to see if your Progress Test Series and New Group Reading Test scores are typical following the disrupted learning of 2020.

The Data Triangulation Challenge: Tricia Henderson

Creating a difference for one student with low PASS scores.

The Data Triangulation Challenge: Robert Davidson

Understanding PASS data and triangulating assessment data to gain a whole-student view.

Back to school: Identifying the individual needs of pupils upon their return to school

We felt that it was important to look at each of the pupils individually, as their experiences at home were so diverse that we could not be certain what they had learned over this period.


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