Other scoring tools

YARC Score Conversion Tool

To score YARC more easily and generate the one page report, you can use the free online YARC Score Conversion Tool, where you input pupils’ details and raw data to generate a simple, one page report.

Dyslexia Portfolio Report Generation Tool

Users of the Dyslexia Portfolio have free access to the online Report Generation Tool, which automatically produces statistical, graphical and narrative reports on each individual after scores have been entered. Teachers input raw scores and a graphical and narrative report is produced instantly in a PDF and excel format, complete with Standard Age Scores and recommendations for appropriate support and intervention.

PASS Online Intervention Service

Users of Pupil Attitudes to Self and School (PASS) can benefit from an accompanying Online Intervention Service. The service presents over 3000 combinations of possible intervention strategies drawn from research reviews and best practice at all levels. It can also integrate pupil attitudinal data with attainment data for targeted support, to screen and identify at risk groups, including ‘invisible’ groups like fragile learners. This platform also supports screening pupils for emotional wellbeing.