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The WellComm Toolkit Online Report Wizard

A useful add-on to the WellComm Toolkit comes in the form of the Online Report Wizard, an online tool that enables both large and small organisations, including Local Authorities, to monitor and evaluate the progress made by children using the WellComm Toolkit. The Online Report Wizard can report on children across any number of linked settings and can generate individual, group and Local Authority reports. It is available at an additional cost.

Sample Reports and Guidance Documents

Once children have been screened, their results can be entered via a secure platform to generate a variety of reports.

  • WellComm Group report
  • WellComm Group Progress report
  • WellComm Individual report
  • WellComm Cluster report

For further information on the WellComm Toolkit Online Report Wizard, download the WellComm Toolkit Report Wizard User Guide.

When the WellComm Toolkit is used universally to monitor progress across an entire setting or authority, the Online Report Wizard is a particularly useful and efficient tool way of ensuring each and every child receives the exact level of support he/she needs.


Cognitive Abilities Test

Identify a pupil's developed abilities and likely academic potential

PT Series

Measure pupil progress in English, maths and science


Monitor reading and comprehension skills and determine reading age


Identify fragile learners and discover hidden barriers to learning