Working with International School Groups

Our range of standardised assessments, backed up by cross-school reporting, helps school groups to ensure consistency across the group, benchmark standards internationally and identify areas for improvement.

The data from our assessments of ability, attainment and progress provides an individual profile of each student supporting the setting and evaluation of personalised measures of progress. Our cognitive ability assessments are not curriculum-dependent which enables fair comparisons, regardless of the relative strengths of cohorts, the impact of prior teaching or the make-up of your group.

Our assessment of student attitudes enables leaders to identify areas of concern such as student dis-engagement or those at risk of underachievement. The data can be analysed at school level down to the individual student, allowing the early identification of appropriate interventions.

As a group teaching a range of curricula, implementing GL Education’s assessments has been critical to ensuring consistency and high standards across our schools.
Karen Jones, Academic Director, Intuitive Education

How does the data help school groups?

  • Provides a robust, reliable, external measure of the overall school group performance
  • Gives a comparison across schools to identify good practice and identify areas for improvement
  • Helps ensure consistency regardless of location, curriculum or cohort variation
  • Helps leaders to identify future resource and support needs
  • Supports accreditation processes

What do you receive?

  • Multiyear group agreement; supports planning and budgeting across group
  • Coordinated annual order; time-efficient and ensures consistency
  • Dedicated account manager; single point of contact who understands your needs
  • Remote training plan; ensuring that schools have the support they need for successful implementation
  • Extensive Guidance and Support handbooks
  • Cross-School Reporting (CAT4 & Progress Tests); transparent and clear reporting to gain insight into schools across group

Find out more

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