Progress Test Series Information Webinars

The fully standardised Progress Test Series can support formative assessment in your school by providing year-on-year progress tracking in English, maths and science.


  • Instant reporting helps teachers to understand student support requirements from day 1
  • Annual testing helps you to ensure that students are keeping to their 'flightpath'
  • Detailed narratives make the data accessible for teachers and parents alike
  • The benchmarked data helps establishes a common language for assessment across the school


Find out more by listening to one of the webinars below, reading the case study or downloading one of our sample reports.


An introduction to the Progress Test Series

This webinar offers a quick introduction to the assessments, covering key topics including:


  • What the assessment measures
  • Test content
  • Administering the test
  • What reports are available


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British School Jakarta case study

The British School Jakarta has established a rigorous assessment cycle to inform teaching and learning for the individual student as well as at a whole school level.

They combine cognitive ability data from CAT4 at entry with an annual measure of attainment and progress from the Progress Test Series. This data supports their Learning Cycle: plan, teach and review.

The information is used to:

  • inform resourcing and support requirements for each cohort
  • Identifying EAL, individual and group support needs
  • recognise particular areas of success and good practice

Iain Hope, Assistant Head, Primary Assessment and Reporting, will discuss how the school has implemented these assessments, illustrate how the data is used in the school and offer advice on the implementation process for schools considering a similar approach.


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Analysing the reports from the Progress Test Series

The data-rich reports provided by the Progress Test Series of assessments in English, maths and science provide a wealth of information to:

  • Measure the strengths and areas for development for individual students
  • Identify areas of the curriculum that require greater focus across the school
  • Support parental engagement

In this webinar we will explain the key terms used, show how the reports can be used to support teaching and learning and identify appropriate interventions and introduce the way the data can be combined with other assessment data to provide even greater insight.


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Case Study: Intuitive Education Consultants

Based in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, education consultancy company, Intuitive Education Consultants, establishes and manages successful international schools across the Middle East. An essential part of their work is establishing standards that will deliver excellence, and they are achieving this goal by creating a common framework for assessment. Find out how they use the Progress Test Series as part of their comprehensive assessment framework.


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Sample Report

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