AISA Leadership Conference 2018, Kenya

AISA Leadership Conference 2018, Kenya

Friday 02 March, 09:00 - Sunday 04 March, 16:00

Derek Devine, GL Education’s International Consultant, will be attending AISA Leadership Conference in Nairobi, Kenya being held from 2 - 4 March 2018.

International schools around the world use our assessments to help them accurately understand the abilities of all students, regardless of their primary language, to nurture their academic ability and wellbeing. The data is used by educators to:

  • Personalise teaching
  • Student wellbeing 
  • Admissions 
  • Self-evaluation 
  • Stakeholder communication

Derek will also be hosting a Learning Partners Present session! 4 March, 2pm - 2:30pm in the Mt. Elgon 2 Room. 

To arrange a meeting with Derek or to request further information, email or call +44 (0)20 8996 3369.

Are attitudes holding your students back?

Most assessment carried out in schools delivers the teacher’s perspective of the student – what have they achieved? What should we expect of them? Only by looking at things from a student’s perspective can we understand what they feel capable of, and determine what learning and pastoral support they may need.

The Pupil Attitudes to Self and School (PASS) survey provides benchmarked data that can provide a fresh perspective from the whole-school down to the individual student:

  • Do your students feel that they have the toolkit they need to learn?
  • Do you have a disengaged cohort?
  • Is a lack of self-belief preventing some of your students from reaching their full potential?

Derek Devine, GL Education International consultant for Africa, will explain how the reports answer this kind of question and look at some of the intervention strategies schools are putting in place to address these challenges.

Date: 4 March 

Time: 2pm - 2:30pm 

Room: Mt. Elgon 2

What you'll learn...

  • Enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning
  • Ensure every student reaches their full potential