Measuring and tracking progress in English, maths and science

Measuring and tracking progress in English, maths and science

Wednesday 17 June, 00:00 - 00:00

Alison Chapman, International Consultant, speaks about the new Progress Test Series of assessments and how they provide an accurate and transparent measure of attainment and progress in the key areas of English, maths and science.

The tests identify students’ strengths and areas for development and extended and enhanced reporting at group and individual level provides teachers with instant and clear action points via an informative narrative.

As well as offering an annual standardised assessment to support ongoing teacher judgement, the reports provide compelling evidence to support engagement with external stakeholders including inspection authorities, associations and parents.

With reference to sample questions and the extensive suite of reports, Alison will offer an introduction to the new and updated assessments and discuss how international schools can incorporate them into their overall assessment policy.


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What you'll learn...

  • How the Progress Test Series can help you with measuring attainment and progress