Case Studies

Discover how schools like yours have used our assessments to better understand their pupils and inform differentiated teaching and learning.

CAT4 and PASS : right questions at the American International School

The American International School (AISA) in Abu Dhabi knows about cultural diversity.

St George’s British International School

St George’s consists of three parts: two junior schools, one of which is located in the city centre, and a secondary school on a green-field site with the other junior just on the edge of the city

Identifying fragile learners at GEMS Wellington Primary School with PASS

‘Success for all’ is the ethos at GEMS Wellington Primary School in Dubai. By drilling down into children’s attitudes to learning, the school ensures it is equipped to meet this goal

Empowering life-long learners to follow their own path

The innovative Nagoya International School, which follows the IB curriculum, is embracing its own philosophy of critical and creative thinking by using CAT4 and PASS to get a holistic view of their students

Case Study

Data driven dialogues: developing mastery in mathematics

Iain Hope, the Deputy Head of Primary at the British School Jakarta, explains how a combination of data from Progress Tests and teacher informed ‘data driven dialogues’, can be used to create next steps in learning on an individual, cohort and school level to create true ‘data informed’ action plans. Within this, Iain Hope focuses on the example of development of ‘mastery’ in mathematics.

Case Study

Identifying Academic Needs and Strategies for Intervention

Iain Hope, the Deputy Head of Primary at the British School Jakarta, explains how a school can use a combination of data from the Progress Test Series ® (PT Series) and Cognitive Abilities Test ® (CAT4) to identify specific needs or ‘dips’ in academic progress.

Case Study

Using NGRT to Support Looked-after Children

"NGRT has helped us hugely to obtain useful and usable data about the pupils in our care"

Case Study

Implementing a UK assessment model in an international context

Intuitive Education Consultants, establishes and manages successful international schools across the Middle East. An essential part of their work is establishing standards that will deliver excellence, and they are achieving this goal by creating a common framework for assessment.

Case Study

Developing a personalised approach to learning at The Regent Primary School, Abuja

The Regent Primary School in Abuja, Nigeria, prides itself on its high standards and on its personalised approach to teaching and learning. It recently became the first school in Abuja and only the fourth in the whole of Nigeria to be accredited against BSO (British School Overseas).

Case Study

Using CAT4 from transition to GCSEs

"We've found kids with amazing potential that we wouldn't have known about without CAT4."

Case Study

Using NGRT to support reading interventions

At Hinchingbrooke School in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, Year 6 students participating in their induction from feeder primary schools in July take the New Group Reading Test (NGRT) in preparation for their arrival in September.

Case Study

Empowering every child at Priestnall School with Exact

Identifying students entitled to additional access arrangements in their exams, and supporting applications

Case Study

Achieving a world-class education in the Cayman Islands

Helping to provide an internationally recognised standard of education that develops our young people academically, emotionally and socially

Case Study

Benefiting from online assessment (British School of Manila)

How to focus on assessment of potential and capability rather than knowledge