Published on: 07 Mar 2017

Broadclyst Community Primary School is a fantastic example of how assessments can be used to provide the best possible outcomes for children

Exeter primary school recognised as Centre of Assessment Excellence

From The Exeter Daily.

Broadclyst Community Primary School (BCPS) has been recognised as a Centre of Assessment Excellence during GL Assessment’s 5th National Assessment Conference in London on 3 March.

Headteacher Jonathan Bishop, who spoke at the event on the subject of Identifying Coasting Students, was presented with a plaque in recognition of the school’s partnership with GL Assessment.

Mr Bishop commented: “Accurate assessment information is crucial to really understanding not only what a child has achieved but also his/her potential. It allows teachers to target, support and resource children’s learning to give them the best possibility of success.

“The ‘coasting child’ is the one who, with the right challenges and high expectation, can achieve more. We often focus on the less able or underperforming children, and on the really bright capable ones. However, the ones who fit into the ‘normal’ band are those who could be coasting – they are the ones where accurate, targeted assessment information will help us to get the best out of each of them.”

His talk included a live Skype link-up with year 6 at BCPS. The response from delegates on Twitter highlighted the confidence and articulacy of the students.

Sarah Haythornthwaite, Director at GL Assessment, said: “Broadclyst Community Primary School is a fantastic example of how assessments can be used to provide the best possible outcomes for children. The school uses assessments that enable them to gain a complete understanding of their pupils’ needs and they are proud to support other schools across the country as they develop their own approaches to assessment. We are delighted that they have become one of our Centres of Assessment Excellence and we look forward to continuing to work together to share best practice.”

BCPS is part of the Cornerstone Academy Trust, a growing multi-academy trust that also includes a Teaching School, providing support to other schools and educators, and the Westclyst Community Primary School.

GL Assessment’s Centres of Assessment Excellence use their assessments to gain a complete understanding of each individual learner’s needs including attitude, ability and attainment. This allows teachers to make informed teaching and learning decisions and to track progress effectively over time. It also provides evidence of progress to Ofsted and key stakeholders such as parents and governors.

Centres of Assessment Excellence ensure the best possible outcomes for pupils. Schools can join GL Assessment’s network of partners and share experiences and learn from others. They support schools in their surrounding area to develop good assessment practice that can contribute to raising standards.

More information on the Centres of Assessment Excellence programme can be found at

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