Published on: 06 Dec 2017

Greenwood Academy recognised as Centre of Assessment Excellence

6 December 2017 – Greenwood Academy in Castle Vale, Birmingham, has been recognised as a Centre of Assessment Excellence by GL Assessment, the UK’s leading provider of formative assessments for schools.

Headteacher Allen Bird and Assistant Headteacher Laurence Cole were presented with a plaque from GL Assessment in recognition of the school’s accolade.

Mr Cole said: “Formative assessments have had a hugely positive impact at Greenwood Academy. We use a range of assessments to identify students who aren’t progressing at the rapid rate we would expect, as well as identify the students who require pastoral support, enabling us to put the most appropriate support strategies in place.

“Assessments also play a vital part in helping us to identify the needs of students who are in the silent majority – the students who maybe don’t draw attention to themselves in the classroom but who have very real needs that require our support. In other words, they give everyone a voice. This is why we have focused on using data effectively and we are delighted to be recognised in this way.”

Shane Rae, Head of Publishing at GL Assessment, said: “Greenwood Academy is a fantastic example of how assessment can be used to identify areas that need support, as well as celebrate their students’ successes. The school uses assessment data which enables them to gain an acute understanding of their students’ needs. Greenwood will be supporting other schools across the country as they develop their own approaches to assessment. We are thrilled that they have become one of our Centres of Assessment Excellence and we look forward to continuing to work together to share best practice and achieve the best possible outcomes for learners.”

GL Assessment’s Centres of Assessment Excellence use formative assessments to gain a complete understanding of each individual learner’s needs, including their attitudes, ability and attainment. This allows teachers to make informed teaching and learning decisions and to track progress effectively over time. It also provides evidence of progress to Ofsted and key stakeholders such as parents and governors.

More information on the Centres of Assessment Excellence programme can be found at



From left to right: Danielle Morgan (GL Assessment), Laurence Cole (Assistant Headteacher, Greenwood Academy, Norman Hayes (GL Assessment) and Allen Bird (Headteacher, Greenwood Academy).