Children's Mental Health & Psychological Wellbeing - Responsiveness

Responsiveness is linked to academic success, positive mental health and wellbeing, and improved relationships.  Empathy, altruism, self-awareness and relationship skills are all facets of responsiveness.

Conversely, children with social and emotional difficulties face associated difficulties with their peers, an increased rate of conduct problems and risk for other mental health problems, including anxiety and depression.


This book contains a number of questionnaires designed to identify areas of responsiveness where children might require extra support to help their development


Measure Topic Type Administration Potential Age Range

The Self-Monitoring Scale in Middle Childhood

Ability to self-monitor and adjust behaviour in different social settings 24-item 
self-report questionnaire
Group or Individual 6-13 years

The Emotion Expression Scale for Children

Awareness and communication of emotions

self-report questionnaire

Individual 9-12 years

The Thinking and Feeling Questionnaire

Cognitive empathy, emotional empathy and sympathy

self-report questionnaire

Group or Individual 8-18 years

The Altruism Drawing Measure

Altruistic tendencies (helping, sharing, giving, co-operation)

15-picture self-report measure

Group or Individual  8-12 years 
The Problem-Solving Measure for Conflict Social problem solving and inappropriate behaviour in social situations 9 vignettes with questions Individual  

9-16 years

The Friendship Qualities Questionnaire

Aspects and qualities of friendship

41 item
parent-report questionnaire


8-13 years 

Responsiveness is part of the Measures of Children’s Mental Health and Psychological Wellbeing series. Other titles include Belonging, Distress, Enjoyment, Healthy Living, Resilience, and Social Behaviour.