Children's Mental Health & Psychological Wellbeing - Social Behaviour

A child’s psychological wellbeing can be great enhanced by the breadth of quality of their social relationships. This book helps identify behaviours that children display towards each other, their feelings about themselves and their sense of self-worth. All of which can be valuable indicators of their overall mental health and wellbeing. Social behaviour also plays a huge role in the classroom and can both aid and hinder learning and progress.


This book contains a number of questionnaires designed to evaluate behaviours such as co-operation, compliancy and the general ability to modulate behaviour to what is regarded as socially acceptable. These straightforward questionnaires can help you understand more about the causes and roots of anti-social behaviours.


Measure Topic Type Administration Potential Age Range

The Social Competence Inventory

Prosocial behaviours

25-item adult rating scale

Individual 5-11 years

The Social Behaviour Questionnaire

Social behaviour (prosocial and anti-social)

32-item adult rating scale

Individual 5-12 years

The Interpersonal Competence Scale

Social behaviour, peer acceptance and academic performance

18-item adult rating scale

 Individual 10-20 years

The Pupil Evaluation Measure

Peer relations focusing on aggression, likeability and withdrawal)

35-item group report

Group 6-15 years 
The Prosocial Tendencies Measure - Revised Prosocial and helping behaviours 21-item self-report questionnaire Individual  

13-18 years

The Anger Expression Scale for Children

Anger in children focusing on trait anger, anger control, expression and suppression

26-item self-report questionnaire


7-17 years 


Social Behaviour is part of the Measures of Children’s Mental Health and Psychological Wellbeing series. Other titles include Belonging, Distress, Enjoyment, Healthy Living, Resilience and Responsiveness.