NGST Quick Reference Guide

  • Age range: 6-14+
  • Suitable for: Teachers and SENCos
  • Test duration: 20-30 minutes
  • Test format: Digital/tablet

New Group Spelling Test (NGST)

The New Group Spelling Test is aligned to the new curriculum in England and all questions are delivered via audio.

How should I apply the New Group Spelling Test?

  • Evaluate spelling ability once per term with three forms to support termly testing
  • Extend testing for particularly able students
  • Inform teaching strategies

The New Group Spelling Test is in three sections:

Section 1 - tests five or six spelling rules in line with the new curricula.
Section 2 - tests a variety of different spelling rules using sentence completion tasks.
Extension Section - available to particularly able students. The extended section will show whether a student can manage more difficult spelling rules, and more complex use of vocabulary and grammar.


The New Group Spelling Test will contain the following reports:

  • Group report for teachers (PDF and Excel®)
  • Individual student report for teachers (PDF and Excel®)
  • Cross Trust Report (PDF and Excel®)
  • Progress report (PDF and Excel®) – this will show you the level of progress made between two tests (coming in 2018 – a Progress report between three points of progress)

How can I use the New Group Spelling Test with the New Group Reading Test?

  • You can choose to compare spelling and reading together
  • Cross report combining and comparing scores from both tests – SAS, stanine and age equivalent scores

From 2018 there will also be a Cross Individual report for teachers available.