Teacher Talking Quick Reference Guide

  • Age Range: 1-8 years
  • Suitable for: Speech & Language Therapists
  • Test duration: untimed
  • Test format: Paper

Teaching Talking

A classroom-based system for screening and intervention for children with a delay in their spoken language.

Teaching Talking is a classroom-based assessment for screening children with a delay in their spoken language. It focuses on children in Early Years settings and primary schools whose linguistic development appears to be delayed, or who are experiencing difficulties with listening or speaking.

Designed to screen, profile and record the major aspects of child development, Teaching Talking is an ideal programme to support children of all abilities in the development of spoken language. Dependent on the outcomes a range of intervention strategies, activities and guidance notes are provided.

Why use Teaching Talking?

  • Teaching Talking provides a process of screening, profiling and recording the major aspects of a child’s development
  • It is an ideal assessment to support those children who are experiencing difficulties with spoken language
  • The assessment offers guidance along with a range of activities and interventions to help you in supporting children at a level best suited to their individual needs.


Teacher Guide Pack contains:

  • Activities Handbook
  • At-a-Glance Guide
  • Sample of Profile Forms: Early Years Profile 1, Early Years Profile 2, Early Years Profile 3, Primary Profile 1 and Primary Profile 2.